Solar Panel Cleaning in Exeter, Devon

Cleaning of your solar panels will ensure they are performing at their optimum levels as any buildup of dust or dirt will reduce the solar yield and your financial reward!

solar panel cleaners cleaning Met Office solar panels

Photo taken during solar cleaning at The Met Office. 250kW solar PV system installed by SunGift Solar


Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

If your solar panels have been installed for over 12 months their efficiency levels may be compromised. Dust, bird mess, industrial and agricultural debris will have built up on the panels and will need cleaning off to maximise the panels’ output. We have extensive experience cleaning commercial solar panels, including cleaning over 900 panels for Exeter’s Met Office installed by SunGift Solar. Using specially designed brushes and purified water we can clean your business’s solar panels ensuring they continue to provide a satisfactory return on your investment.

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Residential Solar Panel Cleaning

Did you know that dirt and dust can reduce solar panel efficiency? A regular clean can help maintain their output and avoid any drops in productivity. As most residential solar panels are located on roof tops, this can make cleaning tricky for homeowners. Our teams of experienced cleaners can help! Using waterfed poles which can reach several storeys high, we can clean your solar panels safely from the ground. A highly cost effective and safe option to maintain your solar panels, we can also combine this with a window or gutter clean. For a quote or more information please call 01392 829484

Agricultural Solar Panel Cleaning

Dust, pollen and agricultural debris can quickly build up on solar panel arrays. This can reduce their efficiency and reduce the return on your investment. To ensure they remain productive we recommend at least one clean, scheduled in the spring to maximise their output in the summer months. Contact us today for a quote or further information on 01392 829484.

How often should I have my solar panels cleaned?

We’d recommend at least one annual clean in spring to ensure your panels are free from any dust and dirt ready to make the most of summer. This will help maximise your solar panel’s efficiency. If the panels are in agricultural, seaside or industrial areas they may be susceptible to heavy levels of pollen, bird droppings and grime and a more regular clean may be needed. We are always happy to advise on clean frequencies when we quote and can add in additional cleans wherever necessary.

Why should I clean my solar panels?

Rain water contains impurities which leave behind a film on solar panels which builds up over time. Just like rain doesn’t sufficiently clean your car or windows, it doesn’t clean solar panels either. Dust, debris, bird droppings and grime builds up on the panels leaving them running less efficiently. A regular clean will ensure a higher energy output of you panels and ensure they are a cost effective energy solution for your home or business.

How will you clean my solar panels?

We use waterfed poles with brush attachments from a leading manufacturer, designed to be soft enough to not damage the panels, but still clean them effectively. We used purified water which means no residue is left behind when the water dries. We don’t use any chemicals or cleaning agents – just pure water.

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